How to start?


We will launch your on-line shop on ten European Union’s markets

  • Polish market
  • Czech market
  • Slovakian market
  • Hungarian market
  • Romanian market
  • Italian market
  • British market

From working with us you will gain entrance to 3 hundred millions potential clients.

Our standing charges include:

  • possibility of quick and cheap expansion on new markets
  • customer service in mother languages; through e-mail and also telephone conversations
  • your own local landline telephone number
  • cash on delivery services
  • shipping abnormal sized parcels
  • very low costs of transportation
  • collection of returns and complaints
  • help with registration in the biggest price comparison sites
  • and many more

We know from our experience that international expansion isn’t neither difficult, expensive nor hardworking.

Even within few weeks you can start your international on-line shop and earn more than your competition.

How to start?

Preparing your foreign sales comes down to a few simple steps. At each step, you can count on our help

We will help you to choose the first country from which you will start your expansion.

Think about your company’s domain under which your on-line shop will operate.

Registration as an VAT payer in your local Inland Revenue

It is worth doing. European Union’s regulations demand paying VAT tax in a country, in which transaction takes place if it’s value is higher than regulated limits. It has it’s essential advantages. Thanks to that you become more competitive, because your goods can be cheaper.
The registration form will be submited by a local accountant. He will also calculate your company’s income and outcome each month/ or in every quarter. Accountancy costs start from a 30 euro a month.
Remember CIT payer will still pay in your country.

Your web page translation

Translate your web-site. That will cost only 100 – 200 Euro.

Bank Account

Open a bank account in a target country, you don’t have to travel there!
Every thing can be done in your country. You need that bank account to let the local courier services pass collection charges. Costs of that bank account service are similar to those which you already have.

Courier services

Sing a contract with a local courier company indicated by us. Thanks to that delivery rates to your clients will be competitive and you will also have a possibility of shipping bigger sized parcels. Remember thanks to that you will be able to send your parcels using cash on delivery.

Customer service and transfer of orders into the target countries.

Within one cost you gain:

  • e-mail and telephone conversations -customer service in local languages,
  • local landline telephone number dedicated for your shop,
  • telephone conversations costs you will get for free,
  • customer service is adequate with local working hours as well as local working days, adequate to calendars. We work on polish bank holidays,
  • we employ foreigners perfectly speaking local languages,
  • transfer of you orders from Bielsko Biala to your local courier companies,
  • our longstanding experience in area of leading on-line shops in those countries.


Share with us informations about your customer service methods and regulations of returns, goods exchange, guarantee repairs regulations,etc.



About us

Nowe Kolory Sp.z.o.o was launched in 2009 as an AGD, RTV on-line shop.
From the beginning our company’s goal has been development of an international trade.
Within those 5 years of existence, new shops on the new markets have come to life. And at the same time our experience has grown.
From 2014 along with trade activity we offer complex support services with polish e-trade on the E.U. Markets.

Benefits from e-trade in the E.U.

Benefits from entering foreign markets:

  • direct contact with hundreds of millions new clients
  • possibility of gaining higher margins
  • income generated from VAT tax rate differences
  • bigger stability of the company as well as higher security of the transactions thanks to wider than national markets.

Your on-line sale doesn’t have to be limited only to one market clients.
Thanks to uniform European Union’s regulations, realisation of an order from Rome will not differ from an order taken in Olsztyn. An international client’s service has the same rules and regulations as within a country, and transportation costs don’t have to be higher. We will convict that in practise

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